Children & Youth Services

Child & Youth House

Our Child and Youth House is a home setting that supports children and youth in full time and respite care. We as a house, are part of many community inclusion events and strive to engage in exciting activities tailored to the needs of each individual. All of the children/youth are supported by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).


Full Time Care — when a child or youth are supported 24/7 for more than 14 days/month.

Respite — regularly scheduled short stays of 2 –3 days every week or every other week.

Community Inclusion — supporting and encouraging events and activities outside the home — participating and being active within their community.

We also participate in the school planning and goals to ensure a strongly connected team and unified support. This also work towards the overall picture for the child or teen — it helps increase their overall coping skills and builds on their strengths to increase their capacity not only in their family home, school, or residential; therefore builds their opportunities and experiences for community engagement and involvement.

VITAL Society
V.I.T.A.L. Society
Valley Integration to Active Living Society
156-D Government Street
Duncan, British Columbia
V9L 1A2
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