The Wood Project

The Vitals Wood Project began in the early 1990s when a staff member with a background in forestry and two residents discovered a common interest – firewood. They combined their expertise, muscle and ambition to form the Vitals Wood Project.

It started off with the staff member and residents taking orders, cutting wood, and delivering orders to residents within the Cowichan Valley. Gradually, the friendliness and willingness of the Wood Project employees to provide exceptional product and service in the Cowichan Valley became known within the community and orders began flowing in. The Wood Project business grew, and employs individuals-served today.

As warmth was spread via firewood, the men decided to spread warmth in other ways. Wood Project employees targeted Christmas as the time of year to give back to their community. Each year, Wood Project employees adopt a family in the region and create a gift basket containing food, gifts for the family, and of course, firewood for the hearth. Wood Project employees help to enhance Christmas for a family who otherwise may have woken up to a bleak and sparse Christmas Day.

The Vitals Work Project has created meaningful employment to both residents of Westholme, where the program bases itself, as well as adults with diverse ability who reside in the community. It has also raised community awareness, and contributed to warmth and compassion throughout the Cowichan Valley community for nearly 20 years.

Shaking off the cold and warming your hands over a fire, hearing news of a cold snap as you look out gratefully at your cord of wood – these are both services Wood Project employees want to provide to you and your family.

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