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Valley Integration to Active Living Society
Why should I join the VITALS board?

Joining the VITALS Board of Directors is a great way to contribute to your local community. The time you spend volunteering will benefit those who are most vulnerable, who are often unable to advocate for themselves. Being a board member is also great experience for any other aspect of your life, including future employment and leadership training.

How can I join the VITALS Board of Directors?

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals from all backgrounds and histories. If you decide that joining our board is the right fit for you, there are a few steps required in regard to the application process.

  • First you have to become a member of our society, then you would fill out a board application (you can find the link to that under the “application” tab).
  • Next you would come in and meet with members of our current board for an interview.
  • Finally, you would be sent an official offer to join the Board of Directors for VITALS.
What is the time commitment for a board member?

Board members are required to attend a monthly meeting, and can expect to give about four hours of time monthly to this commitment as well as others.

What does the average board meeting look like?

The meetings typically last around two hours, and cover topics such as Program, Financial, and Human Resources reports, updates on status of houses, strategic plans for future direction of the organization, votes and approvals in regard to plans of action, as well as any items that may have been added late to the agenda.

What happens during board orientation?

New directors will be given a board handbook and conduct and orientation with the Executive Director and a fellow board member. They will thoroughly familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures that govern the operations of the society & its staff; the collective agreement between the society and the union, and the contracts for operating service between the funding agencies and the society. New Directors will also become familiar with the Societies Act of BC, Schedule B, and the bylaws.

Meet the Board

If you would like more information about becoming a VITALS board member, please feel free to send an email to to show your interest.

Andrew Brown
Chair, Board of Directors
Corry Brooks
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Valerie Brooks
Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Heather Parks
Meghan Gorosh
Erika Brown

How can I join the VITALS Board of Directors?

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals from all backgrounds and histories. We'd love to hear from you.

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