Home Sharing

Share your home, make a difference

Home-share Providers

Home-share Providers share their homes, families, and lives while providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Vital Society provides access to high-quality services that meet individual needs and preferences.

Home-sharing is a living situation in which an adult eligible for CLBC supports shares a home with a person contracted to provide support and assistance to them. Also known as family care, home living services, family-life homes, or host-family services.

Vital Society contracts with CLBC to provide home-sharing support. We have the responsibility to approve home-sharing providers. Vital Society only approves those with the skills, disposition, and physical accommodation to provide high-quality home-sharing support to individuals-served.

The Contract Director completes a rigorous and comprehensive assessment prior to approving any home-sharing provider. Approval does not necessarily guarantee that a contract will be established with the potential provider. Contracts may be established when the individual-served, their family, or support network members decide whether or not a potential candidate meets the individual’s needs and preferences for support. Vital Society home-sharing providers may support only one individual at any given time. Exceptions may be considered if beneficial to the first individual in the home.

To apply to become a Home Share Provider please complete the Home Share Submission form.

For more information, please contact the Contract Director at 250-710-3468 or by email at contract.director@vitals.ca.

CLBC Direct Home Share Providers

Vitals appreciates that Direct Home Share Providers are pre-approved by CLBC to have the skills and ability to provide home sharing services to their person served. With this understanding our goal is to make the transition to a Home Sharing Agency as straightforward as possible, while still meeting CARF requirements.

To apply to become a Home Share Provider please find the Home Share Submission form under the Employment Opportunities tab and select Home Share Provider.

I’ve been with this organization as a home share provider for almost 10 years and have had the pleasure of working with some very dedicated home share coordinators during this time.

The person we take care of has been treated with the utmost respect and care from the coordinators. Whenever our person served would come to the main office there was always someone coming out to say hello and chat for a while.

We’ve had several visits to our home by the coordinators and each time they come, they respect our home, are always kind and caring and diligent in all things business related to taking care of our people served.

It has been a pleasure working for Vitals and all the staff that goes along with the organization. They’ve always been helpful, kind, respectful, caring and involved .

Thank you for all you do