Community Integration

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion Program

Vital Society offers community inclusion programs funded by Community Living BC. Our community inclusion programs offer supports to individuals to participate in a variety of recreational, fitness, leisure, and educational activities. A plan is developed with the individual and implemented accordingly.

The Program Coordinator and/or staff members assist to create an Individualized Service Plan based on the needs and strengths of the individual served, and through this offer, many more options for community inclusion activities are possible. Recreationally, individuals are supported to participate in any and all available activities within our community suited to their needs and abilities.

If, through the Individualized Service Plan, or through collaboration with the individual’s guardian or Homeshare provider, it becomes clear that continued education is a focus for the individual served, the Community Inclusion plan created for the individual will reflect that. We will work into their weekly plan various times in which educational activities can take place.

Individuals are supported to develop strong inter/intra-personal communication skills and establish relationships within the community. Individuals’ support networks are encouraged and strengthened.

Supported Employment

Through Vital Society Community Inclusion programs funded by Community Living BC, we are able to offer assistance to individuals requiring support to establish employment. We believe that all individuals should be supported to access the community services and resources they need to be successful.

Through the creation of an Individualized Service Plan, the needs and strengths of the individuals-served are brought to the forefront. If the goal of employment is identified, the focus then moves to resume-building and interview preparation.

We offer job-seeking assistance and coaching with regards to work attitudes and job expectations. When suitable employment has been established, staff members follow-up to ensure success for the individual and the employer.

Read about the The Wood Project for a Vitals’ employment success story.

Applicant Requirements

Our programs are funded by Community Living BC (CLBC), and to be eligible applicants must meet the criteria below. Providing that there is a vacancy within our program, all individuals are graciously welcomed to VITALS Community Inclusion where our focus is to further develop the abilities of individuals served and enrich the lives of all involved.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Meets CLBC eligibility criteria of possessing a developmental disability
  • Level of support required for applicant is suitable within existing staffing levels or funding is available to enhance the staffing level
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