Vital Society –
Our Mission

Vitals helps individuals at any stage in their life

Mission Statement, Vision, Values, and Aims

Mission Statement

We at Vital Society serve and support individuals and their families with diverse needs, striving to promote inclusive communities where every persons’ rights are respected, their unique gifts are valued and their dreams are celebrated.

Vision Statement

Vital Society envisions a community where all citizens are welcomed and valued.


Self Determination

Every individual has the right to choose their own path in life.

Quality Care

Each person has the right to receive the highest standard of care and to have it provided with compassion, dignity and kindness.


All individuals have the right to be respected and valued for their unique qualities and be provided with the opportunity to express and connect with their own cultural and sexual identity.

Self Advocacy

We work towards supporting individuals to develop skills which will enable them to exercise their rights as full citizens.

Personal Support Networks

The support and involvement of families, friends and community members are fundamental to the quality of life of each individual.

Community Inclusion

All people have the right to fully participate in and contribute to their communities. This encompasses the right to access all community services, recreation, education and employment.

Promotion of Social Justice

As a society we work towards a climate of positive social change and seek to eliminate barriers for persons with developmental disabilities.



To operate a premium quality staffed living service for individuals who require support to live successfully in their communities.


To operate a premium quality community inclusion service for individuals who require support to contribute constructively and participate fully in their communities.


To ensure that all services fully meet the needs of their consumers and respond quickly and effectively to new or changing needs.


To recruit, retain, and develop a dedicated professional team of staff and managers, and to recognize and reward excellence in service delivery.


To develop and maintain a strong and stable financial base for the Society, while ensuring that decision-making priority is given to service objectives.