About Us

Vitals helps individuals at any stage in their life

Valley Integration to Active Living Society provides services to those living in our community with mental and physical disabilities, or any other complex barriers. We offer our individuals a chance to integrate and immerse themselves in our local community, while teaching them skills to help them grow in their everyday lives. We currently have over 60 individuals that we support, with a strong team of over 100 employees, including community and residential support workers. We have both individuals and employees who have been with us for over 20 years. We work closely with outside behavioral consultants, social workers, and specialists, to provide any level support needed by our individuals.

Our society has a total of four programs:   

1.  Residential
2.  Community Inclusion
3.  Home Share
4.  Child and Youth Services

Vitals helps individuals at any stage in their life, including children, those transitioning into adulthood, adulthood, and individuals in their senior years. As a person-served organization, we advocate for our clients rights and encourage our individuals to be as independent as possible. We are an organization that is committed to supporting our individuals in becoming active participants in their own community, and in all aspects of their life.

VITAL Society
V.I.T.A.L. Society
Valley Integration to Active Living Society
156-D Government Street
Duncan, British Columbia
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