Valley Integration to Active Living

We envision communities where all persons are valued for their unique gifts, talents, capabilities and contributions.

About Vital Society

Valley Integration to Active Living Society provides services to those living in our community with mental and physical disabilities, or any other complex barriers. We offer our individuals a chance to integrate and immerse themselves in our local community while teaching them skills to help them grow in their everyday lives.

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Vital Society Support & Services

Vital Society in Duncan, BC offers essential community support, fostering growth and connection. Empowering individuals, enhancing well-being, and building a stronger, more resilient community together.

Staffed Living

We help find staffed living service for individuals who require support to live successfully in their communities.


A living situation in which an adult eligible for CLBC supports shares a home with a person contracted to provide support and assistance to them.

Community Inclusion

Our community inclusion programs offer supports to individuals to participate in a variety of recreational, fitness, leisure, and educational activities.

Become a Vital Society Member

Members provide feedback and great ideas for the direction of the Society.

Vancouver Island Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We’re Hiring!

Are you passionate about making a real and positive difference in people’s lives? If you are interested in joining our society
or starting a new and exciting career helping others live their best life, please contact the Vitals office at 250-748-5899. We look forward to hearing from you!