Staffed Residences

Dogwood House

Established in 2015

Home to three individuals. Dogwood House is located in the City of Duncan. This property is situated in an urban setting just minutes away from the Vitals's office and downtown Duncan. Close to nature as well. Centennial Park, with its water park, walking trails, and tennis courts and the Cowichan river, are located just a ten minute walk away. Dogwood House has no vegetable garden as of yet, but it does have a lovely landscaped backyard and an undercover patio for outside activites even when the weather is poor.

Peruzzo House

Established in 2014

Home to one individual, Peruzzo House is located near downtown Duncan. Peruzzo House was fondly named in honour and memory of a deeply-respected Vital Society employee (of over two decades) who sadly passed away in 2014.

The Peruzzo program has recently moved from Lake Cowichan to the City of Duncan with many accessible activities just minutes away. The program is expected to grow supporting up to five individuals and hosting day programs. Peruzzo House specializes in sensory needs.

Abbott House

Established in 1997 (Formerly Wharncliffe House 1991-1997)

Abbott House is home to five men. It is located ten minutes north of Duncan in the municipality of North Cowichan. This property neighbours Westholme House in a quiet and rural area near farms and wineries with a mountainous backdrop. Abbott House was named in honour of a resident who passed away at Wharncliffe House in the 1990's. You will also find a tree planted in honour of a special man who passed away in 2013. Abbott has been referred to by some visitors as the "House of Music". Everyone here loves all genres of music and that is what is heard when entering the property, as well as a friendly man waving with joy at a new visitor!

Stamps House

Established in 1992

Home to five individuals, Stamps House is located 10 minutes East of Duncan in the Municipality of North Cowichan. This property is situated in a quiet, rural setting amidst farms and hayfields near Quamichan Lake. Like many properties in their neighbourhood, Stamps House possesses a large vegetable garden.

Thorpe House

Established in 2013

Home to three individuals, Thorpe House is located in the beautiful Comox Valley. This property is situated in a quiet, suburban setting in Courtenay with a stunning view of Mount Washington and the Glacier, but is only minutes away from downtown, the ocean, rivers, and lakes. The Comox Valley has a dynamic and exciting history ranging from coal mining, pioneer farming, logging, and the Canadian Marine and Air Force Bases. 

Westholme House

Established in 1994

Home to five individuals, Westholme House is located 10 minutes North of Duncan in the Municipality of North Cowichan. This property neighbours Abbott House in a quiet, rural area near farms and wineries with a mountainous backdrop. The Wood Project is operated out of Westholme House, with the majority of Wood Project employees being residents of Westholme House.

Marchmont House

Currently home to three individuals, Marchmont is the only exclusive youth house within V.I.T.A.L.S. We have a central location in Duncan, giving our youth easy access to many fun and interactive community resources, such as: the library, bowling alley, Centennial Water Park, Cowichan aquatic center, skate park, and Chesterfield track.

VITAL Society
V.I.T.A.L. Society
Valley Integration to Active Living Society
156-D Government Street
Duncan, British Columbia
V9L 1A2
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